My interest in photography started when my two daughters would brand rep for handmade shops. We would collaborate with them to get fun, quality shots they could use across their social media platforms and websites. My love for photography grew and grew as I learned my camera and learned to work with natural light. That is when CS Photography was born!

In 2016, my mom passed away from cancer. When our family was gathering photos of the family, we soon realized we didn’t have many with her in them… something I really regret. Everyone has insecurities and we are our own worst critics. I don’t typically like photos of myself and I think that had a lot to do with why she wasn’t in many herself. My goal this year is to be present in more family photos, even when I don’t want to be or think I don’t look my best… because one day, my girls will look back at these photos and see the experiences we had together! I hope my girls will look up to me as they grow into beautiful, smart, independent women!

I love shooting birthdays, newborns, engagements, products and portraits (especially of my kiddos). 😉 I’m in the Houston, TX area. For more information and pricing, please email me!




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