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I’ve always been a makeup lover! When I was a young teen, my fabulous aunt introduced me to high quality, nice makeup. I guess if I was going to be one of those teens who would do the weird fads at the time, might as well do it with good makeup? haha So she turned me into loving to take pride in my appearance and of course, loved spoiling me!

Fast forward to the beginning of my 30’s… I stumbled upon Maskcara Beauty from a friend of mine who became an artist for this new thriving company. I knew that when I saw her go live on Facebook and open her huge box of gorgeous (and stunningly packaged) makeup, I just HAD to be apart of this company too! Let me tell you, this is the best decision i’ve made in a long time! Not only is the creator of this company amazing inside and out, but the sisterhood this company has shown is crazy awesome!

If you’d like to be color matched, please email me here. To order visit my site here

This makeup line makes it super easy for the everyday woman to highlight and contour. You’re not one dimensional, and your makeup shouldn’t be either. What is IIID foundation? How to HAC you ask? Here’s a clip that shows just how simple and convenient it is to showcase your best features!

how to

Maskcara’s mission statement is so on point! I love helping women see their natural beauty, highlight their best features rather than covering everything up!

mission statement