Cool Whip Easter Eggs

Do you get bored with doing the same method for dying Easter eggs every year? I found a neat way to dye eggs that the kids love! What you’ll need: Eggs (hard boiled) White vinegar Baking Sheet Cool Whip Food coloring Toothpick Paper towels Spatula or knife Start with putting your eggs in a bowlContinue reading “Cool Whip Easter Eggs”

My Skincare Favorites

I learned early on how important it is to take care of your skin and have found the perfect products that truly vibe with my skin! I have struggled with Eczema most of my life, started in my early childhood so finding products that weren’t too harsh for my skin was challenging. But, I foundContinue reading “My Skincare Favorites”

Year One

One year. One year into my new business with Maskcara Beauty. Who would’ve thought that joining this new makeup company would bring me a year full of new friendships, income, knowledge and most of all, self confidence!   I am a stay at home mom to two sweet and sassy little girls ages 5 and almostContinue reading “Year One”