Moms Without Theirs

Today marks my second Mother’s Day without my mom. I wish I could say it has gotten easier but it definitely hasn’t. Her birthday sometimes falls on Mother’s Day also, so we’re missing out on two celebrations for my beautiful mom, Mary. She would’ve been 61 tomorrow, the 14th. She was the smartest, strongest and fearless woman I’ve ever known and I’m so glad I get to call her my mom! She was my biggest cheerleader in life and was always there to support me in all my crazy adventures and ideas.

I find myself wondering why? Why has cancer struck my family not once, but twice. My dad passed away from cancer when I was very young. I can’t imagine the strength my mom had to keep it together to raise my brother and I all these years, but she did, because that’s what us moms were put here to do… put our children’s needs before our own. We were always taken care of and I think that’s one thing you really learn to appreciate as we get older… how much our parents do for us, how much they sacrifice to ensure their children are happy.

I can’t help but get emotional when Mother’s Day rolls around. The activities my girls put on in school, the handmade cards, grand parents day, watching grandmas and grandpas pick up their grand babies from school. My mom loved my girls so deeply, with all her heart. I hope I can be half the mother she was to me and that my girls know how much I love them, even though they might not fully understand until they’re mothers of their own.

Becoming a mother changes you. I’ve never known I can love someone as much as I do when I first became a mom. This is the picture that made me a mother, the absolute BEST feeling in the world.

This Mother’s Day, and every year that follows, show your loved ones you love them… because we’re not promised tomorrow. Live with no regrets and enjoy this beautiful life we are given. Love and miss you every single day mom. Happy Mother’s Day to every single mom out there!

– Caitlin

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